Vinyl Artwork

What vinyl do we use?

Adhesive Sign Vinyl

Adhesive sign vinyl is a very versatile and flexible material and can be used to make eye-catching signs in a variety of different ways. It can be used to decorate walls and windows in your home or office and even on your car to advertise your business.

Garment Vinyl

The other type of vinyl we use is garment vinyl or Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) which is used on fabrics and garments. They both come in a large variety of colours and the HTV vinyl comes in many different textures such as pro-flock (soft and fluffy feel) and glitter vinyl to add sparkle to your clothing or brand. Matt and Gloss vinyls are also available.

Most popular uses

Common uses of self-adhesive vinyl include: creating display advertising materials, creating removable sticker decorations for walls or windows, and cutting it into lettering to serve as a decorative accent on other types of decor. Stickers and decals may be used on vehicles to advertise a company name or logo. Banners or letters made with self-adhesive vinyl can be placed on large windows or glass doors

I use a cutting machine to cut any wording required for both the HTV and the Sign vinyl in your preferred colours and fonts. Each coloured vinyl sheet is loaded and cut separately then we weed out the unwanted vinyl and start putting together the finished piece. Please note I am unable to print images such as photos or specialist graphics onto vinyl.

Garment Printing

I offer garment printing using HTV (Heat transfer vinyl) and can print onto Polyester/Cotton mix fabrics such as Hoodies, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, Vests and bibs. 

I cater for small businesses for their own branded tops such as Ballet/Dance schools, I can cater for individual needs such as Birthday T-shirts, Personalised Baby bibs, Cake Smash Vests and T-shirts and much more. I have also supplied Charity groups for their fundraising events. See the gallery and price list below. Prices depend on your requirements and if printing is required on front and/or back 

Contact me and I'll be happy to provide you with a quote.



The gallery below shows some designs i have created for many customers. I can provide regular orders for branded and promotional clothing for small businesses and one-off design and print for individuals


Baby Bibs From £3.50

Baby Vests From £6

Kids T-shirts From £6

Kids Sweatshirts From £9

Kids Hoodies From £12

Adult T-shirts From £7

Adult Sweatshirts From £13

Adult Hoodies From From £16

(Prices above are based on 1 colour vinyl, One side only. Basic words/names/lettering/shapes/silhouettes)

Please note: We are unable to print graphics/images.

I now have an online shop with our own designs and will be adding many items to purchase in due course. For all other enquiries Email 

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl can be applied to many different surfaces. I have been using this for many years now and with many different colours available and a cutting machine the possibilities of what you can do with this product are endless.

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