New glitter vinyl a success!

Welcome to my first blog (of many!) hopefully you will find the content useful and interesting! As some of you may know i love to try out new things, make stuff, learn lots and keep very busy! I recently tried out this gorgeous new glitter vinyl and printed a design onto a white baby vest purchased from a high street stop. I printed '1 today' using a new glitter vinyl in blue last week and i just had to test it through the washing machine to see how the glitter survived and here are the results...

On a 40` standard cotton wash this vest washed perfectly. The vinyl hadn't lost it's sparkle at all, there was no evidence that the glitter came off and looked exactly like it did before it went in the wash! 100% success!

I am very pleased with the result and i know it's only 1 wash that has been done so far but i couldn't wait to share it with you. The vest will be washed on a regular basis and i'll share the results in a few weeks!

Thanks for reading and i hope you found this article useful